Now You Can Rent That Furniture You Could Never Afford

Inflation and the rising prices have drastically reduced the buying power of the consumer and limited the choices that a lot of people earlier had in terms of furnishings for their house. You may have a house with the most exquisite marble floorings and ceiling designs. But if it is not complimented with equally dazzling furniture then half the charm is lost. Furniture rental in London is a great way to spruce up your house with the choicest of furniture. Whether it’s the sofas and side tables for your living room or that stunning bed and dressing table for your bedroom, now you can have them fitted with the furniture that you always dreamt about at a fraction of the prices. Hiring has come up as a new trend when it comes to investing wisely in case of furniture. Normally any furniture goes out of style in a couple of years or if you want that timeless design then you have to spend a bomb. But now there are a number of companies that let you hire the furniture that you have always desired for your house. And what’s more is that they let you replace it with another set when you think it has gone out of style or simply get bored of it. London is one of the most expensive cities to live in and every penny saved means a penny earned. So why splurge on that furniture when you have the option to rent it.

Furniture rental in London has become an easy option for all those who are looking for a replacement or are buying new furniture for their offices, homes or showrooms. There are a variety of elegant styles and designs that you normally won’t even find at a high end furniture store and you can choose according to your tastes or needs. In these fast paced times everyone wants to save on all the time they can. Most of these rental stores are now online and they even offer trial services so there is no need to venture out of the house either. This means that they you can bring home the furniture which you rate the best, see how it looks in your house, whether it matches with the surroundings or not, and then make a choice within three-four days time period. Also, if there is any kind problem with the furniture, it can be replaced immediately. Moreover, if you are a landlord then there is no better way to attract tenants. Just spruce up the house that you want to put on hire with the most dapper looking furniture and it will be taken in no time. Attractive deals are available for people who are looking to furnish their showrooms too. There are easy payment options most of which are on a monthly basis, although there are various other plans too.

Essential Tips on Getting the Right Furniture for Your Office

One of the most important elements of a successful office fit out is selecting the right furniture. Making sure that your staff are comfortable will help ensure that they are happy and more productive.

Below are 6 tips for selecting furniture that is ideal for your workplace:

1. Do not go for over-eccentric fashion. A chair that looks striking and cool in the showroom could look hopelessly out-of-place in your workplace. Pick out furniture that projects the best impression of your business. Similarly try to ensure that the style of furniture is consistent with your business image and brand.

2. Think about various styles for distinct areas of the workplace – maybe sofas for quiet areas where workers might want thinking time or bigger chairs for those who spend the majority of the day at their desk.

3. Choose chairs and desks which are ergonomically sound – you need office furniture London that is comfortable as well as functional. Comply with health and safety requirements and ensure the well being of your workforce. The amount of staff having back trouble is going up within the UK because of progressively longer hours sitting at desks. As organisations learn to think about ergonomically designed furniture, this problem will decrease.

4. Do not squeeze everything in – think about storage options like filing cabinets and drawers, and position them for the most efficient use to enable staff to move freely throughout the office. Have a look at hot desking – if many of your staff spend most of their time out of the office, then they may be able to share a workstation with other colleagues who are also regularly out of office.

5. Pick office furniture London that’s adaptable enough to be shifted into different areas when needed. If there is the potential for expansion inside the office, think about how straightforward it will be to add to the furniture. If you select something that is really modern, you may not have the ability to obtain the same furniture in 5 years’ time. It is difficult to foresee what furniture ranges will still be around in the future, yet it’s safe to say that furniture that has been on the market for a while and is used by a lot of other businesses tend to still be available as your office expands.

6. Tie in the selection of furniture with your budget. Low-cost furniture in a top of the range fit out may look misplaced. In addition if you are doing a basic economical office fit out, there is no point dedicating most of your fit out budget to furniture. Make sure you talk with a furniture consultancy about the best furniture for your firm and work with a designer to ensure that the furniture you choose is both within budget and functions well with the office interior design. A quality furniture consultancy will have access to all the major furniture brands and their products and will have designers to help you to pick the best furniture.

Obtaining the appropriate office furniture is almost as critical as selecting the right workplace, so take time to think about all your options before making your selection.

Fitted Furniture: The Reasons for Their Enviable Popularity

Furniture that fits into the available space in an office or at home is known as fitted furniture. These are also known as bespoke furniture. Such products offer a host of advantages as compared to the ready-made fittings. Although these are somewhat costly, the investment will give you a good value for your money.

Better space management

Bespoke furniture is tailor-made to use the space properly. Its effect is always very comfortable and satisfactory. Ready-made fittings are generally accommodated in the available space. When the available space somewhat less, some fittings may not fit into it. If you have a larger space within the room, ready-made fixtures may look lonely and miniature in size, when compared to the entire room. Bespoke fittings allow the homeowners to add a large storage space into the room. This is a reason bespoke cabinets and shelves are so popular today.

Bringing personal taste into play

Fitted furniture not only allows the homeowners to use the space properly, it also gives them a chance to bring their ideas into play. Homeowners can decide the height of the fixtures, the type of materials and their colour too. Such furniture gives the homeowners the liberty to inject creative ideas into the design. Now, one can select the designs matching with the remaining fixtures of the house. Bespoke furniture imparts a luxurious look to the room. Thus, homeowners get a higher price when they sell the house in the future.


Such fittings will create more storage space for your belongings. Most ready-made fittings usually have a low height. But bespoke fixtures can fit into any stiff corner of the home. So, these products are usually ideal for homes having sloping roofs. Such tailor-made fittings give you the liberty to create a unique product for your home.These will give you a chance to experiment and create a product as per your choice.Before choosing the design, you need to explore the different options one by one.

Each of them will offer certain benefits. You can check samples available in different stores, magazines or other online resources. If you like a bespoke furniture design, simply take a print out and give it to the decorator. He will work on the dimensions and then suggest a suitable material for the product. After taking the last call, calculating the costs gets a lot easier. Hiring a qualified professional will certainly give a good value for your money.

3 Easy Ways to Choose Furniture Pieces For Your Home Office Interior Design

Having your own comfortable yet stimulating home office to complete your paperwork, catch up on your correspondence, or browse the Internet is something that practically all individuals long for. Designing the interior furnishing for your home office exactly to your liking can be a simple task as long as you comply with some fundamental standards, like as the three that are presented in this article.

Select Job-Specific Furnishings

The elementary aspect of any interior furnishing is clearly the furniture pieces themselves. In selecting the furniture to go into your home office, you first must reflect on the nature of your work. If your line of work calls for constant utilization of a computer, purchase a quality computer desk that has a lot of storage space. Some occupations might require special forms of equipment or furniture pieces. Architects and designers, for example, will absolutely need to have a large drafting table or drawing board in their home office. Any articles of furniture that you pick out for the interior furnishing of your home office should perform some specific role. Most offices don’t have a great amount of extra space, so restrict the number of pieces of furniture that are simply for aesthetic purposes. You need to only choose articles of furniture that you absolutely need in order to perform your regular work activities. An ideal range of office-functional furniture can be found online at the chaise lounge site, which stocks a range of pieces.

Pick Inspiring Color Schemes

In furnishing your home office, you must think about color schemes. The color patterns of furniture and fittings that you pick out will have a significant bearing on whether you feel motivated to work while you are in your space. An interior design company will likely be able to assist you with this – see interior design north london for some examples. Lackluster colors, such as gray and black, for example, are almost always not suitable for working. Blue and white, in comparison, produces a feeling of balance and peace, and is accordingly a possible color scheme for your home office interior furnishing.

Think About Lighting

Furnishing isn’t simply about articles of furniture, fittings, and color schemes. Light must constantly be another point of focus of interior furnishing, especially in your home office, where you will be doing a lot of reading, typing, and writing. Lighting also contributes to the general feel of your office space. While light fixtures are suitable for after dark, you want to make certain that natural sunlight can enter your home office during the daytime. This is especially crucial if you intend to put plants in your office space.

Flat Pack Furniture – Myths Vs Facts

Ever since flat packs were created back in the 50s, there have been a lot of buzz around them. Some people love them, others hate them and there’s no middle point. As everything, the opinion on which is heavily polarized, flat packs have been a source for many rumours and false accusations, many of which remain to this day. So, let’s take a look at some myths, concerning knock-down furniture and see if they are true or not.

Myth: They’re horrible to put together. The instructions are always wrong and there are parts missing quite often. Not to mention that the fittings are the wrong size and type and nothing fits as it should.

Fact: In fact, this most common myth about flat packs is completely false. They’re very easy to assemble, if you do it properly. Also, the instructions are never wrong, people just skip ahead and try to work without them, giving them an occasional glance when they get stuck. This is the biggest mistake one can make, because the assembly process is called a process for a reason. If you try to do it differently, either do it completely differently, or just don’t. There aren’t too many ways to put together a flat pack, unless you’re looking to customise it, so stick to the instructions. Other than that, all you need to do is prepare the tools and the work area in advance and know which end of the screwdriver to hold. If you lack basic knowledge of tools that much, there are companies that assemble furniture in London and other big cities.

Myth: They break down after several months of use.

Fact: I can’t say this is completely false, due to the fact that there are different companies, producing flat packs. Therefore, there are different flat packs, when it comes to quality. Some of them might fall apart after several months of use, yes. But most others have significantly improved their quality control over the past 20 years and now their items can hold as much as conventional pieces.

Myth: Their designs are limited.

Fact: This was true, I admit. But I can’t stress enough on the past tense in the previous sentence. There were limited designs about 15 years ago, but the industry has grown so much that it has everything your heart could ever want. From vintage styled pieces to modern, shiny looking ones. You just have to open a catalogue, choose the item you want and order it or go to the store to get it yourself. So, there you have it. The three most common myths about knock-down furniture and the facts behind them. So, read them carefully once again and ask yourself if you want to pay nearly twice as much for hand-made conventional pieces.